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​​Please join us on our mission to support the Stirling Road Branch Library with our programming, fundraising, and advocacy efforts.
A Klezmer Celebration


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A standing room only crowd came to celebrate with Aaron Kula and the Trio from the American Klezmer orchestra of Florida International University on November 18th. Mayor Peter Bober introduced the musical portion of the evening which was preceded by a cake reception in honor of the Friends of the Stirling Road Library attaining its goal of over 200 members in 2014! Our Friends group now counts itself as one of the largest Friends groups in Broward County and had much to celebrate that evening. 

See the pictures in the Gallery​ for some glimpses of the festivities.

Read more about Aaron Kula and his fantastic group at : ​

Join us at our monthly Board Meeting on the Second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM​​

2014-1.jpgMayor Peter Bober installed the officers and directors of the Friends ​of the Stirling Road Branch Library at the 2014 Annual Meeting. At that meeting, City Commissioner Dick Blattner recognized the efforts of all the volunteers who were presented with roses. Almost fifty members attended the meeting which was followed by a pizza dinner. 2014-3.jpg

Mayor Bober listed the achievements of the Friends during the past year and acknowledged the key role our library plays with the City of Hollywood. He described how he appreciates the library both as an elected city official and also as a neighbor of our branch. Commissioner Blattner told of his special relationship with the Stirling Road Library and of his lifelong commitment to the public library. Our Friends Group is quite fortunate to have such widespread support among our local elected officials.​​

Etzion.jpgDr. Judith Etzion​returns to the Stirling Road Library with a series entitled "FROM THE WALTZ TO THE OPERETTA: THE PURSUIT OF PLEASURE IN 19TH-CENTURY VIENNA AND PARIS". Dr. Etzion, a professor  who holds a Ph.D from Columbia University and is beloved by her many students, is known for her creativity in synthesizing music, art, and social history into an engrossing and enlightening presentation. Her Tuesday evening series at 6:00 pm  will include the following:

January 13.   The waltz and other popular social dances: Beethoven, Schubert,  Lanner, and Johann Strauss I.

January 20.  Jacques Offenbach:  La Belle Hélène and Orpheus in the Underworld as satires of French Classical tradition alongside Parisian contemporary society.

January 27 .   Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann: 19th-century Romantic features.   

February 3. Johann Strauss II and Joseph Strauss: famous waltzes and other dances. 

February 10 . Strauss II's Die Fledermaus:  nostalgia for Old Vienna. 

February 17 .  Integration of dances into the classical ballet:  Delibes, Minkus, Tchaikovsky, and Ravel.

Please join us and see for yourself why Dr. Etzion is such a sought after lecturer. ​


The Friends Group is proud to sponsor a short story group with our beloved Miriam Kalett. The group meets the 4th Tuesday of each month. Please join us for our next meeting on December 23rd.

​​Art Lessons

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The Friends Group is thrilled to announce that Sandy Levy will return in January with a new series of art classes. Check your email for the announcement regarding specific dates.​

Her Fall sessions  attracted over 25 participants  weekly whose inner voices were ready, willing, and able to create. The free classes met the needs of all artists from the beginner to the professional and explored different media. 

​For more information about Sandi and her passion please visit

If you are interested, please contact Julie at

​​Art Appreciation​ Series​​


Dr. Batia Cohen, one of our most popular lecturers, will lecture on the Impressionists as part of her popular Art History and Appreciation Lecture Series. 

The dates for the Thursday evening lectures will be 

January 22, February 5, February 19, March 19, March 26, and April 2.​


Dr. Cohen has a Ph.D. in Mesoamerica​n Studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Metropolitana in Mexico City. She was an adjunct professor at Florida International University and has published numerous articles in specialized Art and History magazines. She is currently a collaborator of a cultural magazine in Spanish on line;​ and is the author of the historical novel Una Amapola entre cactus. For more information see Dr. Cohen's website at: ​

Pic.jpgSkye Patrick, the Director of the Broward County Libraries, addressed our recent board meeting and shared her vision for the future of the public library system. She spoke passionately of how we must connect to our community through programming and outreach and by establishing partnerships within our community resulting in a creative synergy. She presented a video synopsis of the library's strategic business plan which included four core elements: a sense of place, continual education development, serving the underserved, and free access for all. She described the library of the future with cutting edge technology, innovation, and a new service model. The library will be a place to discover, to innovate, to collaborate. Our goal is to get people back in the library!  Our Friends Group plans on joining Ms. Patrick on this mission- won't you be a part of this with us?

Article.jpgFriends group wins state award for its website
June 5, 2014|By Sara Shell, Forum Publishing Group

Libraries have evolved significantly in recent years — books and magazines are still a big draw, but high-tech offerings continue to become more prominent.

Highlighting that trend, the Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library in Hollywood was recently honored by the Florida Library Association as having the top Friends website.

Please take a moment to read the rest os the article on the SunSentinel website here​.

Dedicate-A Shelf Gallery -

Take a walk through our library and you will be introduced to so many interesting people simply by reading the plaques on our shelves. We now feature short histories behind the people whose names appear on these plaques in our Dedicate-A-Shelf Gallery. Read more here​.

Cinema.jpgJust when you thought that you knew all of the benefits of being a Member of The Friends of the  Stirling Road Branch Library we find new ways to say Thank You for your support. Show your Friends membership card at Cinema Paradiso in Hollywood and receive two dollars off the ticket price and a free popcorn! This is a wonderful benefit for our members and we are thrilled to offer you this incredible deal! If you have not yet been to the movies at Hollywood's newest and most innovative movie theater, please let this amazing offer be your introduction! 

Follow this link to movie times and more information.

See you at the movies!!​

At the annual Broward County Friends' meeting, the gift basket contributed by the Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library and designed by our member, Sylvia Blutstein, was admired by all present and was a much coveted raffle prize for the attendees.​
When was the last time you stopped by Our Library?
Do you know about some ​of the interesting and exciting 
 ​exhibits we host?
Please visit our new Exhibits​ page for more details.
What's Happening at the Library?

The next meeting of the Book Discussion Group is on Tuesday, December 16th   from 1:30-3:00 pm. The Group facilitated by Paul Lefrak, will discuss The Lowland, by  Jhumpa Lahiri. ​ ​


Check out our latest book review:​​​

One of our own friends recounts her encounters and interactions with Dr. Maya Angelou who died recently:

A Personal Remembrance of Dr. Maya Angelou

by Helen Spindler

Let the great world spin.jpgThe world lost an amazing writer, civil rights leader and role model for people of all races late last month with the passing of the incomparable Dr. Maya Angelou. I met her twice in my life and cried when I heard the news of her death and wanted to share with our Friends and fellow library members my personal memories.
Read More​​​​

​We encourage you to write to us describing your thoughts on our library. Linda Bloomfield recently took a few minutes to send us this wonderful email which we would like to share with you.

"I am now back in Florida and looking forward to the Music Club presentation as well as Dr. Cohen's lecture. As for the library, I've always been passionate about them.  I can't remember a time in my life when I did not read and cannot fathom a world without books.  I love the smell and feel of this book repository.  I love roaming through the rooms and shelves filled with knowledge and wonder and fantastic stories to take me to other worlds and into other people's lives."

​Linda's email in its entirety has been added to our blog​.​

Are you interested in becoming one of the Friends' volunteers? Would you like to become a member​​Click on the links to get the full details​